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2019 BFGoodrich CAMS Australian Off Road Championship
St George - April 5-7    |    Finke - June 7-10    |    Rainbow - August 9-11

2019 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Griffith - July 5-7     |     Goondiwindi - Aug 16-18     |     Millicent - Sept 20-22

SMU Racing looking to the positives
Friday, 17 August 2012
It was a weekend of mixed emotions for the SMU Racing team at the Albins Goondiwindi 400 as Matt Hanson and Leigh Wells tackled the famous melon holes at the famous Gundi track in the SMU Racing Jimco. 

The start of Saturday saw the car prologue first but a small electrical issue gave cause for some concern. “We were fairly happy with the Prologue although losing power on a few corners where the engine was cutting. Overall it was pleasing to come in first knowing we had some issues”, said driver Matt Hanson.

1489b_sm However things turned when the car hit the track for the ARB Top Ten Shoot Out. Hanson added, “the car was not only cutting out but also completely switched off three times in the shoot out; it was a frustrating experience to the point where we were going to park it. We soldiered on and managed a sixth but knew that we had some issues to find before the start of section one.”

The issues became worse after the ARB Top Ten Shoot Out when the car would not start for the start of section one. It took the team just under an hour to find and fix an electrical problem which then saw the SMU Racing Jimco head out into the heavy dust as, by then, the entire field had started. The job at hand, to finish the first section under the allowed running time of 1 hour 45 minutes in order to be deemed a finisher.

The team just made it in with a 1:41 lap time; this would see the SMU Racing Jimco starting from 59th position on day two. After passing 24 cars on lap one and another six on lap two, the SMU Racing Jimco finished the section in sixth position on time. “It was good experience to get in some of that heavy dust knowing that our chances in the race were over. The car was running brilliantly and everybody on the course were fantastic at pulling over as we were coming through”, said navigator Leigh Wells.

The final section ended well for the SMU Racing team starting off sixth on the road and coming in second and winning the final section. “There were parts of the track we had not seen due to the dust we had encountered for most of the race so to get some fresh air was great. The final laps reiterated how much we rate the Gundi track as one of the great off road tracks in Australia – a real driver’s track and one that keeps you on the edge all day”, said Hanson.

The next stop for the SMU Racing team is the Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro which the team hopes will be their turning point for the 2012 Australian Off Road Championship season.

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SMU Racing would like to thank the following for their support during the 2012 Australian Off Road Championship:

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Source: SMU Racing
Photographer: Shaun McTique,