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Lockyer 300 - Communique No 4
Tuesday, 06 August 2013

The difference between the 2012 and the 2013 Lockyer 300 Off Road Event.

Question. Did you have a naming rights sponsor in 2012?

Answer. No we didn't but this year we have and it is TJM PRO LOCKER - LOCKYER 300

The main questions everyone wants answered is:
What is the course like for 2013, is it as tight, is it as narrow, is it smoother, is it longer, is it shorter, does it have trees, does it have room to pass, does it have more safety access roads, does it have more monitor points and does it have recovery stations and above all is it safe?

We have employed three dozers, two tractors, one Kato and three chainsaws this year and spent all of our sponsorship money on modifying the course so we can say yes to all of the above.

The tight turns have either been removed completely or widened and transformed into sweeping corners to give the crews access to a better racing line so they can maintain their entry speed.

Every part of the course has been visited by a dozer, and been widened where necessary with any unpleasant sections having major surgery. Debris has been removed from the course shoulders and generally we have tidied up the presentation of the course. This has encountered extensive earthworks and to make the course smoother we have built two levelling bars which we drag behind the tractors to smooth out the playing surface.

We have purchased concrete pipes and installed some of them under a dirt causeway which we had to construct to overcome a suspect area should we have pre-event rain. More drain pipes have been installed in a couple of places throughout the course to drain off water that is still seeping from the mountains so it doesn't cross the course surface.

The trees this year are no way as prolific as 2012 purely because the course is widened and therefore the majority of the ones left behind aren't as daunting. There is a lot more room to pass this year due to the wider course and the construction workers have built some overtaking lanes for safer passing should the course get blocked.

The south bound and the return bound crossings of the Laidley Creek has had major earth works since the floods, which left us with twenty foot shear banks to the creek bed. The Kato has been deployed to the scene and removed the banks so we now have good entry and exit roads from the creek. We have secured pipes for the crossings which will be laid on the creek bed and loads of gravel over them to make a gravel causeway diminishing the problem of vehicles catching water and dumping it onto the exit road. This can only be undertaken in the last month as we do not want any rise in the creek due to rain, to destroy and wash away the construction.

Access to the course is now a lot easier from the access points making the deployment of safety and medical vehicles more user friendly. The monitor points will be approximately the same as the 2012 event with radio contact to HQ.

We have secured more of Mr Noel McGraths property which enables us to make the pits, the HQ area, the spectator area, the start and finish area more user friendly as it has all been enlarged and modified.

There will be a second spectator area in the same property that we moved everything to last year due to the rain, and we anticipate to transport spectators from HQ and the primary spectator area to the second spectator area by bus.

The Friday documentation and scrutiny has been moved from the Plainlands Shopping Complex to the Gatton Showgrounds which presents more room to make the Friday Affair more user friendly.

I hope I have answered all of your questions and trust very soon that I can supply photos and a video of what we have done, and what the course looks like. The last ten months has not been easy as the majority of the work has to be done by volunteers who all hold down full time jobs.

The organising committee is not made up of "a cast of thousands" as the Brisbane Sporting Car Club Officials were heavily involved in the International Rally of Queensland and are now involved in the Coffs Harbour events. However, with the enthusiasm of the team to make it all happen, I know that you will be pleasantly surprised when you arrive, and that you will certainly have a great weekend of Off Road Racing.

If you want to get all the latest updates first for the event, as well as photos and videos from last years event, check out and like our face book page at www.facebook.com/Lockyer300.

To find out more about the TJM Pro Locker and other great products they have on offer checkout www.tjm.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/TJM4x4

Barry Neuendorff