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2021 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Pooncarie - April 16-18     |     Hillston - Aug 13-15     |     Millicent - Oct 15-17     |     Goondiwindi - Nov 12-14

Pooncarie - April 16-18     |     Hillston - Aug 13-15     |     Millicent - Oct 15-17     |     Goondiwindi - Nov 12-14


Mission Statement

“to promote a safe, fair and enjoyable family friendly series
with a focus on a transparent, open and professional
attitude to competitors”

Gartners Gutsy Determination
Friday, 18 April 2014
It was a hard weekend at the track for Greg Gartner, Jamie Jennings and the Gartner Racing team at the recent ARB Paringa Desert 400. The first round of the ARB Off Road Racing Series served up a myriad of challenging track conditions, from flowing straights, creek crossing to bull dust bog holes, making life difficult for the Penola based team.

2429b_sm Gartner, renowned for his spectacular ‘win it or bin it’ driving style, took a more conservative approach to the ARB Paringa Desert 400, the old adage ‘perseverance pays dividends’ more appropriate.

Gartner went on to explain “we knew it was going to be tough weekend when we had a flat tyre on the trailer, just 10km after leaving home. Not the best start, but we made it to Broken Hill without any further drama.”

But that’s where the good fortune ended. Prologue was the first competitive stage of the event. Gartner was tracking well until a washaway drain caught him out towards the end of the prologue, cracking an arm, but managing to clock in an incredible fifth outright.

Starting out of fifth for Saturday’s one lap race had its advantages and disadvantages. While the bulk of the field was behind them, there was four fast competitors in front. Gartner and Jennings caught up to the car in front, Gartner explained “We caught up to the car in front in the dust, we came around a corner and out of the dust was a slight right which a square edge. The back left hand wheel clipped it and threw us to the right and we barrel rolled one and three quarter times, landing on our side.”

“We hooked the strap on and thought ‘who do we stop’. We didn’t really want to stop anyone, but after 25 minutes we had no choice. Ivan Robertson was the next car along and he has no hesitation in stopping, although it actually was a big deal. Stopping to help someone in your own class is the values of a true sportsman and true offroader. Ivan pulled us back onto our wheels, we got back in, belted up and headed off. We just made it in before our allowed racing time ran out, and we ended the day in 55th position.”

2429c_sm “I’d like to add that we were all ecstatic when Ivan was awarded the Contingency Award for good Sportsmanship.”

Saturday night was a busy night for the Gartner Racing team with a lot of panel work needing to be done, on top of the regular overnight service and checking for any damage from the rollover.

Sunday started off better for Gartner and Jennings, with the first of the four laps incident free with numerous passing maneuvers on the back of the field. During the second lap, the smell of coolant wafted from the engine, giving the crew enough concern that they pulled over, threw the bonnet away – not worth keeping with all the panel damage – clipped the loose Speedflow fitting then continued racing, ticking their second lap for Sunday off the list.

“We had a fair old crack on the third lap after the service break” added Gartner. “We made up some good time again and we thought we’d shaken the voodoo off our back, but no… on the fourth lap we hit a rock and blew two tyres. Having only one spare, we got permission from the Clerk of the Course for our crew to bring us out another tyre, which they did and we managed to get home within time.”

2429d_sm “It was a hard weekend of racing, but we had a great time and the feeling of overcoming all our dramas made the finish just that extra bit special. For short weekend, it seemed to be very very long.”

“I’m extremely happy with the new Albins ST6 gearbox. Working with Albins for the last few months has been very interesting; I’m very impressed with the way it’s going. And Craig Carrison… Craig always builds us an awesome engine.”

Greg Gartner and Jamie Jennings finished the ARB Paringa Desert 400 in 17th outright and 5th in Extreme 2WD class. Their never say die attitude saw them push to greet the checkered flag at all costs… coining the new team mantra “it’s all good, just a little bit lively.”


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