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Simpson joins ARB ORRS Contingency
Wednesday, 20 August 2014
The name 'Simpson' has been prevalent in worldwide motorsport safety for over half a century. Simpson Safety Equipment Australia have been proud representatives of this unique brand for almost 30 years and have branched out into many differing products from quality brands such as Toora, Willans, Fresh Air Systems, ISC, Racetech.

With CAMS making the use of a Frontal Head Restraint or FHR mandatory in most competitions effective 1 January 2015, Simpson are offering ARB Off Road Racing Series contingency competitors $200 off the price of a SIMPSON HYBRID PRO FIA FHR to the competitor achieving the most improved lap time; the first lap being the benchmark to improve upon.

In addition to the contingency program, as a separate promotion, Simpson Safety Equipment Australia is offering ALL off road racing competitors, ARB Off Road Racing Series or otherwise, the opportunity to go into a draw to win back the total value of a SIMPSON HYBRID PRO FIA FHR purchased directly from them between now and 31 November 31 2014. Purchases and enquires can be made by visiting their website emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phoning 02 9545 6662.

NB: If an ARB Off Road Racing Series competitor is lucky enough to win both the contingency award and the draw, the $200 may be put towards another item of Simpson Safety Gear.


Letter from Greg Yard, Managing Director, Simpson Safety Equipment Australia, clarifying Frontal Head Restraints (FRH’s).

As most competitors would now be aware, CAMS has recently moved to make the use of a Frontal Head Restraint or FHR, mandatory in most competitions effective January 1, 2015. Exceptions to this new ruling will be Speed events and Auto test type events.

The use of FHR’s has been part of the safety requirements for International events for some years.

From July 1, 2014 all competitors at National level events have had to comply to the new FHR rules then 6 months later – January 1, 2015 all competitors at State level and below in circuit races, road and off-road events will also have to comply with these new regulations.

The new FHR rules will state that a device complying to FIA standard 8858-2010 must be used, this essentially means that drivers and co-drivers will be wearing either a Simpson Hybrid / Hybrid Pro or a HANS.

CAMS has realised that there are devices currently in use that are certified to SFI 38.1. These will be allowed to be in use at National and State level until the end of 2015, at which point an FIA device will only be accepted.

The terminology is also changing to FHR’s.

The word HANS has been around for a long time and has become quite generic. Today, with the introduction of the latest FIA FHR – The Hybrid Pro, it is not accurate to describe these devices simply as HANS, as they are 2 distinctly different FHR’s with different designs, different looks and different performance levels.

These announcements have been brought in relatively swiftly, CAMS has felt it necessary though to implement this sooner rather than later in an effort to increase driver (and co-driver) safety whether it be circuit racing, rallying or off-road.

Helmets are another part of this equation whereby a competitor’s helmet will also need to meet certain criteria.

First and foremost, no Australian Standard AS/NZ 1698 certified helmets will be valid. Helmets will be required to meet one of the latest Snell SA or SFI standards, for fitment of the Post Anchor hardware for the device to attach to. British Standard helmets will be allowed to be used at lower levels of competition for the foreseeable future.

Competitors will find that some helmets are pre-drilled, some have what’s called an M6 threaded insert, some will already have posts attached while some helmets will have to be drilled to make the holes for the hardware fitment. This will mostly be for existing helmets that can be retro-fitted - dependant on their certification, or some new helmets as well.

It is important to note that CAMS will not approve the drilling of helmets for the purpose of fitting hardware for the devices, unless it is carried out by the helmet manufacturer or a manufacturer’s authorised representative such as Greg Yard at Simpson Race Products.

Harnesses are another area that comes under consideration here as well.

There is some thought that the HANS devices require the newer style ‘thinner 50mm’ wide webbing above the shoulder harness adjuster for it to be effective.

The Simpson Hybrid Pro devices on the other hand require no modification to the positioning or width of the harnesses; drivers are actually encouraged to continue to use the wider, safer, more comfortable 75mm wide webbing.

Several years ago, FIA harnesses were given a 5 years ‘life’ extension on their expiration date for CAMS competition National and below, unless modified by a category regulation. So it might be worthwhile car owners check the dates on their existing harnesses to see where they stand.

We don’t ever wish for our friends and family to be burdened by a loss, so do your homework, speak to the experts in these fields (not on forums) realise that this is a long term investment in your safety so don’t just go for the cheapest alternative. In general terms a FHR will be between $600 and $1500 – varied by construction materials and make.

Greg Yard from Simpson Safety is our newest contingency sponsor. He’ll be happy to try to answer your safety questions, assist with helmet clarification or indeed, set you up in some great new FHR’s!


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