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Mission Statement

“to promote a safe, fair and enjoyable family friendly series
with a focus on a transparent, open and professional
attitude to competitors”


Using the Online Entry System

There are two methods for using the online event entry system.
  • Method 1 - Create and use an Off Road Profile Account, then complete the Registration and Entry forms
  • Method 2 - Fill out Registration and Event Entry Forms without an Account

Creating an Off Road Profile Account will take a small amount of time to set up, but will save you time in future when you go to register for the ARB Off Road Racing Series and enter events using the online entry system.

Your Off Road Profile Account will contain your team, driver, navigator, vehicle details including CAMS License numbers, expiry dates, Club Membership and more information that is used to enter events. The information in your Off Road Profile Account is used to auto fill in the online registration and entry forms.

Note:  Setting up your Off Road Profile Account does not register you for the ARB ORRS.

It is a two-step process and the Off Road Profile Account is the first step; logging into the website and completing the ARB Registration Form is the second step. You can log into your account at any time to update your details. The more complete and accurate the details in your Off Road Profile the easier it will be to enter events etc.

In the first instance, to have your Off Road Profile auto populate the ARB Off Road Racing Series registration form you will need to have the following details completed in your Off Road Profile Account - Vehicle, Team Contact, Promotional Information and Driver and Navigator Names. Licence details can be added later, but must be completed before your first event entry.

Please check the ARB ORRS Registration form carefully as there are additional items that need to be completed that are not in your Off Road Profile account.

  • Create an Off Road Profile Account
  • Respond to the account creation email you will receive
  • Log into your Account
  • Fill out the ARB Off Road Racing Series Registration form whilst logged in

Alternatively, you can choose NOT to ‘Create an Off Road Profile Account’ and complete the details for the ARB Off Road Racing Series registration and each event entry individually. Your details will not be stored and will not be used auto populate and assist in future event entries.

Useful Tips for Filling in the Online Forms


METHOD 1 - Recommended  (with an account)

METHOD 2 - (without an account)

Naming Partner

Associate Partners

2017 ARB Champs

1 Danny Brown
2 Aaron Haby
3 Dale Martin
1 Danny Brown
101 Dale Martin
201 Daniel Wells
200 Bodie Tickner
401 Peter Sibson
501 Stephen Watkins
601 Scott Tymkin
701 Sandy Bowman
801 Owan Ward
1001 Steven Graham