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Mission Statement

“to promote a safe, fair and enjoyable family friendly series
with a focus on a transparent, open and professional
attitude to competitors”

Wildcard event for Tasmania
Saturday, 30 January 2016
The ARB Off Road Racing Series committee, after consultation with off road representatives from Tasmania, can now announce that the Latrobe Short Course, held on 7th May, will be added to the list of 14 WildCard events for the upcoming 2016 series.

Since the inception of the ARB Off Road Racing Series three years’ ago, the Tasmanian off road fraternity have supported the series, however, after the introduction of the WildCard event for the 2015 series, and the lack of a wildcard event within their state, they were at a disadvantaged by not being able to use one of their home events to gain points. This has now been addressed and rectified with the addition of the Latrobe Short Course to the ARB Off Road Racing Series WildCard list.

To encourage mainlanders to return the support to their Tasmanian counterparts, the Latrobe Short Course entry fee will be waived for those travelling from the mainland. The Latrobe track is in close proximity to the ferry terminal at Devonport, making the logistics of competing somewhat easier.

This is great opportunity for mainland based offroaders to be able to experience off road racing Apple Isle style and spend some time touring the state.

If anyone requires assistance with transport and logistics to the Latrobe Short Course, please contact Chris Boon for event and shipping information on 0409 102 555.

Registration for the 2016 ARB Off Road Racing Series will open on Monday 1st February with 20 bonus points on offer to competitors who register before the close of entries for the first round, the ARB Griffith 400.


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