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Four seasons in one Stackpoole day
Friday, 18 March 2016
Mother Nature showed all her colours today as the ARB Griffith 400 Stackpoole venue experienced extremes of weather conditions. What started out as a pleasant March day turned into a blustering rain storm at 10am when the clouds opened and 8mm of rain fell accompanied by violent winds that destroyed the portable shades and left the start finish banner hanging by a thread.

The rain subsided, the wind died down, leaving a muddy slush to settle the red Stackpoole tundra. The weather turned again with the wind kicking up masses of dust which lasted well into the afternoon, making for an uncomfortable start to scrutiny, but the one plus, no flies.

As the clock tick over 7o’clock the wind subsided, the sun peaked through the settling dust as it set in the west. The weather forecast for the remainder of the ARB Griffith 400 is for much kinder conditions; the 55 entered teams now set up and camping under the stars, ready and rearing for race start tomorrow.

The competitors time schedule starts early with briefing and reconnaissance with the 18km prologue going live at 12noon followed by the one lap of the 100km track at 3pm.

Stay up to date with live results on with photos and vidoes available from 4WD TV.

The ARB Off Road Racing Series kicks off this weekend with the ARB Griffith 400 and 4wd TV is on site to capture the action. Check out the conditions in this opening video shot during scrutineering today.

Posted by 4wd TV on Friday, 18 March 2016

Images and Video: 4WD TV

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