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Sea Lake - June 5-7     |     Griffith - July 3-5     |     Goondiwindi - Aug 14-16     |     Millicent - Sept 25-27


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“to promote a safe, fair and enjoyable family friendly series
with a focus on a transparent, open and professional
attitude to competitors”

Wells Motorsport 2018 Recap
Friday, 12 October 2018
The team from Wells Motorsport went into the 2018 season with a positive attitude and hoping for a fruitful campaign of the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series. Team driver Daniel Wells explained “there was only two things for us to do at the beginning of this racing year; our best prep work on the car and pray for a little luck.”

“Griffith started out with a bang… we finished the prologue first in class, but then at the beginning of the second lap, we damaged a rim and ended up with a trip to the pits; pushing us back to third place. We were still very happy to finish on the podium considering a trip to the pits in the highly competitive Class 2 field usually pushes you a lot further down the order.

The Wells Motorsport team and the #201 Bunderson unfortunately, due to other commitments, were unable to compete at the second round of the Championship at Mildura. “Missing Mildura moved us down the point score and we knew we had to have good results from the remaining rounds to get back on top.”

Historically the Sea Lake Mallee Rally has not been kind to Daniel and the Wells Motorsport team; from six starts, they have only crossed the finish line once. “We go into every race at Sea Lake with the mindset to just finish the event. We prologued fourth in our class, and in trying weather conditions on the first lap, we slowly chipped away at those in front of us on track.”

Daniel, with Jake Williamson in the navigator’s seat, worked their way into second in the first lap, including an excursion through a giant puddle which drowned the electrics on the engine and the car just died. “10 minutes later we managed to get the car running again, got back in and belted up, knowing they now had a lot of work to do to get a good result.

Three laps went by and they were lucky to chase down the class leaders, making a pass for the lead with a lap to go. Finally victorious in their class after 6 years.

On to round four at Waikerie for the Wells Motorsport team. After finishing the prologue in third place, the #201 Bunderson spent the first lap on Sunday chasing down second place qualifier Rhett Standen. “We were fortunate enough to chase Rhett down in the dust using the car to car UFT channel, and an error from Tyson Proud, who was running first in class at the time, put us at the front of the class field, which thankfully, we were able to maintain for the rest of the day and win our class.”

As the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship campaigners headed to the penultimate round at Goondiwindi, the Wells Motorsport team had worked their way to the top of the Class 2 leaderboard with Rhett Standen in second and Dale Standen in third place. Daniel has some strong feelings about the Goondiwindi event “Goondiwindi… absolutely my favourite event of the year, best track… period, full stop, nothing more to add”.

“It was really becoming apparent that we needed to keep Rhett Standen behind us. We prologued first in class and proceeded to lead every lap, slowly building a 10 minute lead. Unfortunately, 65km from the finish line we collapsed a rear wheel bearing which, in turn, broke the stub axle and allowed the wheel to part company with the Glendaren Auto Panels #201 Bunderson, bringing our great Goondiwindi weekend to a very abrupt stop. We were gutted, pretty devastated to be honest”.

The tables turned after Goondiwindi with Rhett Standen just two points ahead of Daniel on the Class 2 leaderboard and the 2018 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship heading to the final round, the Teagles Excavations ARB Pines Enduro.

“Traditionally we have very disappointing weekends at Millicent; we have raced there six times and snapped four axles. One year we were only 100m from the finish line.”

In the very slippery conditions, Daniel managed to prologue first in class but slipped down to second after the short course racing heats, with championship leader Rhett Standen out in front.

“The reverse grid meant that we started in front of Rhett, and after a very busy opening lap, we crossed the finish line to begin our second lap. Still in the arena, we jumped down out of the quarry in front of the crowd, and as we landed, the car died.. no electronic power whatsoever.”

“Scrambling out of the car we soon realised we couldn’t fix the problem on the side of the track so we decided to get recover to tow the car to the pits – heartbreaking to say the least.”

“Amazingly there was a team of our friends waiting to get to work and solve the issue of the dead car. 15 minutes had passed when word came through that Rhett had blown a gearbox. We knew we had to get the car going and get back on track to win the Class 2 Championship and keep our #201 plate.”

“An hour had gone by when the car sprung to life; everyone working like crazy now to get it back out. We left the pits and put in some really solid laps - 3 laps separated by just 15 seconds. Our family and friends were ecstatic when we crossed the line; the last of the Class 2s, but still second in class and we had earnt enough points to hold onto the #201.”


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