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2021 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Pooncarie - April 16-18     |     Griffith - July 2-4     |     Goondiwindi - Aug 13-15     |     Millicent - Oct 15-17

2021 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Australian Off Road Championship
St George - March 19-21   |    Finke - June 12-14    |    Loveday - July 23-25    |    Rainbow - August 27-29    |    Kalgoorlie - October 21-24

2nd Gen Martin
Tuesday, 13 August 2019
Growing up in the shadow of an off road racing legend has not only instilled a love of off road racing in Dale Martin but a healthy respect for man and machinery.

Although the Martin name is well entrenched in the archives of Australian off road racing with Dad Craig racking up multiple Australian Championships in his reign, the second generation of brothers Dale and Brent are relatively recent additions to the scene with Dale debuting at Sea Lake in June 2014 and Brent a few years later.

Fast forward to August 2019 and, in trying conditions, Dale with navigator Leigh Wells added another podium finish to their credentials, taking second outright at the Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Enduro over the weekend.

Due to the flexible format of the event where teams could take one or two 20 minute fuel breaks, Dale and Leigh had the kudos of being the first to cross the finish line and salute the checkered flag; ultimately claiming second outright on adjusted time when the fuel breaks were factored in.

Dale had this to say in our post race interview… “Today would be one of the most rewarding races I’ve ever done.”

But there is more to the story than just finishing the five laps. Dale went on to explain “we’re a family team; we all work on the cars together, we prepare them together, we fix them together, we pack together, and more often when Brent and I run out of time, Dad steps in and just gets it all done.”

“Well this time Dad and Brent are away and Hope [Dale’s wife] and I thought we’d give Rainbow a go by ourselves, with our own family. We entered only a couple of weeks ago, so every night after the kids were in bed I’d go out into the workshop and get stuck into prepping the buggy. I reckon I’ve put in well over 60 hours in the last two weeks to get ready, and for the first time I did it all myself; from prepping the buggy to getting the fuel, to packing the truck and caravan; no one to pass the buck, no one to blame but me.”

“When the conditions went to crap, there was no way I was pulling the pin. It’s so rewarding to get it home, and to be on the podium, well that's a bonus knowing what I had to do to get here.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of Hope, who has been awesome.”

Craig and Brent weren’t the only ones taking time away from the workshop; AJ, Dale’s steadfast navigator, had also abandoned ship; currently holidaying somewhere warm. In stepped Leigh Wells to take on the co-driver duties in what was going to be a difficult race to navigate.

“Dale and I have known each other since were kids following our families race all over the country and to team up and do a race together was special” added Leigh Wells. “It was definitely very testing conditions and 100% concentration on both sides of the car. I have to say, Dale drove superbly and the car is a fantastic package; it was a great result all round.”

“We came second so, of course we had a great weekend, but seriously, the track was really good. 15% was bad, but the rest was great. The track out the back was totally different and really good; we drove to the conditions, we slowed right down in the mud and treated it with respect. Dad drummed it into us to treat a track with respect or it will come back and bite, and to drive to the conditions. Once the track dried out a bit and we knew where the wet spots were, we pushed on hard where we knew we could and slowed right down where we had too. That’s how we got to the end and on the podium, and I shouldn't forget the eight bags of rags.”

“At one stage early on we were working our way through a muddy section when two side by sides went flying past; one was stopped talking to a tree not long after; that reinforced to us that we were on the right strategy.”

“It was the first time Hope and the girls had been away racing with me, and just because of that, it was going to be a special weekend. Page is 2 ½ and Ivy is 1 and they have never been to a race; they’ve only ever seen the race car in the workshop. They were on the fence at the start and to have them there at the finish, well that's what it’s all about. Racing is so much more fun doing it with family.”

“But Rainbow surprised me; it’s a great little town, the community gets right behind the event and everyone is really interested and genuinely nice.”

“Brent and Dad are heading to Goondiwindi with Brent’s car this weekend and then we’ll have all three cars ready for the Pines in September.”

Corey Aldridge, Show 'n' Go Photography
Ratchet Off Road Racing Photography
Glenn Wells
Shane Roberts