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Great Weekend of experiences
Wednesday, 21 August 2019
Source: Ian Irons

The Colo Park Driver Training and Khanacross weekends are gaining in popularity with 11 people last weekend taking part in the driver training and 18 teams lined up for the Khanacross.

The Driver Training kicked off at noon on Saturday with some novices amongst the 11 entries, some with a little experience, and some with more.

With ages ranging from 12 years upwards, trainers had their hands full teaching a wide range of students. Manual and automatic cars of all types and sizes were used, with the trainees moving from one to the other as their competency grew.

The day starts with an introductory briefing and a hands on check out of the vehicles. They are shown, then do it themselves, things like checking fluids, how to change a tyre and other assorted tasks. It is amazing how fast some of the trainees learn; some not having any experience at all, finishing the day being able to drive either an automatic or a manual.

Three of the group, having gained a bit more experience from participation at some of the Club’s working bees, were trained in the clubs Hino truck. Something a little different. As the day moved on, the concentration on the beginners faces had smiles added to them and the comradery between the group was great to see. This is what makes it all worthwhile for our trainers and officials.

9am Sunday 11th and the Khanacross started with a line-up of 18 vehicles ready for the competition. First car home was in the 4WD senior class, driven by Damien Abbott, with Ryan Clifford in second place outright, also the 4WD senior class.

Third outright went to Kyle Kilpinen-Hughes, first car home in the 2WD senior class. Kyle had a total of 4 punctures (flat tyres) but still managed to complete the whole course. Second competitor home in senior 2WD class was Claire Macrea, with Jackson Rose in third.

First of the Junior competitors home was Tahlia Watman in her 2WD. She was also fourth outright, 18 seconds ahead of the next junior, also in 2WD class, Daniel Nikiforoff. Third in the 2WD junior class went to Riley Simpson. Jack Perry took out the junior 4WD class.

Tahlia’s effort was impressive as she was doing battle with an overheating car and it was stuck in second gear. I am told that the car is now toast (their words). Tahlia started driver training and went onto the Khanacross when she was 12 and in all that time has not put a dent in any of the vehicle she has competed in.

It was interesting seeing some of the road licenced drivers competing for the first time in this type of event and on dirt. It showed a big differences in capabilities from even the younger members that had come through the SORRA driver training experience. Maybe, bring a few more along to driver training in the future?

Thank you everyone for all your efforts in bringing us this weekend of fun events.