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Devastation at Colo Park
Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Members of the Sydney Off Road Racing Association have been shown the devastation left after last weeks bushfire tore through the Colo Park Motorsport venue. Due to the active fire ground, the club are still unable to access the property however, have been sent images by the Wilberforce Rural Fire Brigade and what remains of their beloved complex.

“The Putty Road is still closed to traffic and has an active fire at each end, some 30km apart. The fire now covers an area of 138,769 hectares. We are hoping to get access to the property over the weekend with the fire brigade. This will give the Club some idea of where to start the regroup and rebuild, explained Ian Irons.”

“SORRA has been racing at Colo Park since 1978. Our neighbour’s properties have also been decimated; it’s very tough for them after living there since 1967.”

“Thank you everyone for the offers of help. Once the club is in a position to go forward with cleaning up, clearing and rebuilding, your help will be much appreciated.”