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2022 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Rainbow - April 1-3     |     Hillston - July 8-10     |     Goondiwindi - Aug 12-14     |     Millicent - Sept 23-25

2022 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship
St George - March 18-20   |    Pooncarie - May 6-8   |    Finke - June 10-13    |    Loveday - July 30-31   |    Rainbow - September 2-4   |    Kalgoorlie - October 21-23

Australian Off Road Commission
The Australian Off Road Commission (AORCom) was established by CAMS to contribute to the strategic development of off road motor sport and to assist in the ongoing management of the off road discipline within the territory of CAMS. 

Functions and Responsibilities

The AORCom has executive powers and responsibility for various aspects of the management of off road within the territory of CAMS as determined by the Board of CAMS from time to time and outlined in its Terms of Reference.

The AORCom shall consider a wide range of issues including but not limited to:
  • The needs of competitors
  • The needs of event organisers and promoters
  • The needs and capacity of volunteer officials
  • The costs to competitors and organisers, including fees and other costs, to keep off road attractive to existing competitors and to maintain a reasonable entry point for new competitors and to provide the appropriate contribution to CAMS
  • The promotion of off road to generate greater patronage, publicity and favourable public awareness, and to stimulate existing and potential sponsors
  • Eligibility issues, and support of the administration of eligibility issues by the Eligibility Committee and the Administration
  • Technical issues, and support of the administration of technical issues by the Technical Committee and the Administration
  • Safety issues, and support of the administration of safety issues in conjunction with the Safety Committee and the Administration
  • Communications, with particular emphasis on the circulation of proposals and the seeking of comments, and the circulation of decisions made
  • Exploitation of the rights to broadcast off road by television and internet or any other electronic means and to develop a formula for the equitable distribution of revenue for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Developing a procedure to compile and co-ordinate the calendar of off road events, especially insofar as National Championships and Series; and other significant events are concerned
Last Updated on Thursday, 03 February 2011