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Can-Am Loveday 400
From:  Friday, 23 October 2020
To:      Sunday, 25 October 2020
ENTRIES open Tuesday 29th September 2020.

The process for entering and the details required have changed to comply with Covid-19 requirements.

Remember, this process is new for us all, so if you have any difficulties, please contact the help desk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0419 830 414.

Event Documentation

Event entry process and deadlines - What has changed

  1. Discounted entries open Monday 28th September at 9am and close on Friday 16th October at 7:00pm.
  2. Premium entries close on Tuedsay 20th October at 7:00pm.
  3. You are required to upload (.jpg or .pdf) pics of your documents as you work through the entry form. Things that you would normally present at documentation at the event will be done before the event. You may need to resize your files, as file sizes of approximately 200kb are preferred. The larger the file size, the longer they take to upload. The file size doesn't need to be large, as long as the resolution is readable, the smaller the file size the quicker the upload will be.
  4. You are required to self scrutiny your competition vehicle and upload the forms.
  5. Service / pit crew are to be nominated on a separate form and not part of the original entry form.
  6. The $107 Single Event Licences is to be paid with the entry fee. You will be emailled a licence form to complete and have returned before Tuesday 20th October at 7:00pm
  7. Anyone (all ages) entering the property, will be required to give their name and contact phone number at the gate.
  8. All documents and forms need to be uploaded by Tuedsay 20th October at 7:00pm.
  9. Weekend Trophy Kart Club Membership can be purchased with entry form.


  1. Gather the required information to complete the entry form. All details must be completed before the event - all you need to do at the event is sign the entry form.
    The details are the same as pre Covid-19 however you now need to upload the following documents for all competing crew (.jpg or .pdf) as you work through the entry form.
    We suggest taking photos with your phone and storing all your teams images in a folder on the device you do your entry form on. That way they will be there for the next event.
    Service/pit crew are no longer included in the entry form and will be submitted in a separate form.
    • Motorsport Australia Competition Licences (front)
    • Motorsport Australia affiliated club membership card (front)
    • Motorsport Australia Log Book
      - Page that has LogBook number
      - Record of ownership page
      - Page that shows at least the last participation entry
      - Page the shows date of last triennial inspection
    • and don't forget, Age, address, phone number, emergency contact name and phone number (cannot be the other occupant of the vehicle)
    • If you require an OLT, you will need to upload the pre licence authority form that came as an attachment with your login email from Motorsport Australia.
  2. After completing the entry form, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain:
    • Motorsport Australia Covid-19 Return to Race Strategy - please read
  3. With-in 24 hours of entering, you will receive an email with:
    • Self Scrutiny Checklist
    • Self Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance - Needs to be signed by all competing crew.
  4. You need to self scrutiny your competition vehicle and complete the two scrutiny forms. These are fillable pdfs, so can be filled in on your phone, laptop etc and then saved.
    After you have completed the forms, log into the online event entry system and select 'Self Scrutiny Upload' and upload both the forms. These forms must be uploaded before Tuesday 20th October at 7:00pm.
  5. The Service / Pit Crew nomination form can be completed anytime after you have entered but needs to be submitted before Tuesday 20th October at 7:00pm. You can nominate six service / pit crew. You will need their name, phone number, address and age bracket (16-17, or 18+). No pit crew will be added at the event.
  6. If you have selected a Single Event Licence, you will be emailled a pdf to be completed and uploaded to the online event entry system before Tuesday 20th October at 7:00pm.
  7. In the week of the event, the competing crew briefing will be emailled to the team contact. It is the responsibilty of the team contact to ensure that all competing crew members are given a copy of the briefing. You will sign a declaration at crew check in that you have read and understood the competing crew briefing. If you have any questions, please ring the Clerk of the Course or speak to him at the event.
  8. A dual occupant vehicle declaration will need to be completed Friday (if doing night reconnaissance) Saturday and Sunday morning before competition. The form will be at event headquarters. Temperature checks may also be done at this point.

Loveday Event Management

Loveday 4X4 Adventure Park, via Barmera, South Australia

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