Competition Vehicles

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Pro Buggy

Buggy with engines 3500cc to 6000cc and all Turbo engined buggies
19 25/06/2018

Pro Lite Buggy

Buggies with engines 1651cc to 3500cc
10 14/05/2018

Super 1650

Buggies with engines up to 1650cc and two seats
10 18/06/2018


Buggies with engines up to 1330cc and two seats
0 06/01/2014

Extreme 2WD

Highly modified 2WD Vehicles with engines up to 6000cc
19 23/04/2018

Performance 2WD

2WD vehicles with engines up to 6000cc
8 03/08/2018


Restricted Buggies
0 05/04/2009

Production 4WD

Production 4WD vehicles with engines up to 6000cc
7 18/06/2018

Extreme 4WD

Highly modified 4WD vehicles with engines up to 6000cc
1 30/07/2017

SuperLite A & B

Production-based 4WD Off road recreational vehicles with engines not exceeding 1200cc
8 01/06/2018


5 08/08/2018

Frames and Rolling Chassis

Competition Vehicle Frames and Rolling Chassis
3 03/08/2018

  Miscellaneous - Other

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Parts, Engines, Gearboxes, Components etc. for sale.
19 18/06/2018

Other Vehicles

Other Vehicles
3 25/03/2018

Tow Vehicles and Trailers

Tow Vehicles and Trailers for Sale
6 18/06/2018


Wanted, Competition Vehicles, Parts, etc.
1 04/07/2017


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Everything that has been sold
976 15/02/2018