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Fortin 4 speed
Ad Id # : 2092
Fortin 4 speed w/convertor PLUS Manual Set up included
Fortin 4 speed w/Convertor,
PERFECT CONDITION - zero KM from major over haul,
lots on new internals including new crown wheel and Pinion....
comes with new adjustable converter.
near new External convertor pump
new flex plate
new adapter plate for LS/Chevy engine to VW/Porsche gear box
PLUS gear shifter - perfect condition PLUS manual/clutch set up - input shaft - clutch slave- complete clutch - flywheel...
See pictures for ratio’s

$18,900 ono the lot - make an offer

Price:  $18,900 ono

Contact data:

Dave Chandler
New South Wales
Phone:  0413366229
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
First Published : 29/08/2019Updated : 04/09/2019Views : 1637
Classifieds  » Parts  » Fortin 4 speed

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