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2019 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
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Extreme 2WD Trophy Truck
Ad Id # : 1464
Built by Fusion Off Road / The Off Road Shop in a joint venture
To comply with Australian Cams rules
100% CAD designed & assembled on a table jig in the US
These were built as the new 6100 class in the US modified to suit our
Shipped to Australia fully welded & un assembled

The basic truck contains the following
1-3/4" Chromoly Chassis
With Front & rear arm mounts installed
Front steering rack mount installed including Front Tie rod mount
Front & Rear Shocker mount installed
Rear Sway bar mount installed
Front Upper & Lower Boxed Arms
Front Boxed Upright
Rear Upper & Lower Link Arms
4" Rear Housing, Braced with upper & lower mounts
Rear housing takes up to 10" ring gear & up to 36 spline axles
210L Fuel Cell
Radiator & oil coolers
Full Body Kit purpose built for this truck

Suspension travel is 24" Front 30" rear
Track is 86.5" x 122"
Will accept LS series engines, V6 or straight 6 turbo
T400, Jerico 5 speed, or Albins ST6 Transmissions

The Truck can be supplied as above in components or can be assembled to a
Roller or completed to any stage you require

The one pictured has been assembled to a rolling stage and includes
King Race Series shocks + rear 2.5" bump stops
Howe Steering
2.5" front snouts & Gear One Trophy Truck front Hubs with 6 spot callipers
3.5" Rear Snouts & Gear One Trophy Truck rear Hubs with 6 spot callipers
10" Gear works 5.43 diff centre with 36 spline spool
36 spline axles
Chassis is painted
Body is mounted
BTR 17" bead locks with 37" BFG KR & KRT
F911 bolts throughout

These trucks are available and in Australia
And can be viewed at any time

The first truck racing is Andy Murdock 426 as pictured ran 3rd class at Sea
Lake on its second outing

Call James Madden at The Off Road Shop to discuss your options
On 0419 824 571
or email james@theoffroadshop.com.au


Contact data:

James Madden
South Australia
Phone:  0419 824 571
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Classifieds  » Ext 2WD / Class 4  » Extreme 2WD Trophy Truck

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